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dyslexia advice for adultsDyslexia can remain hidden, but many adults suffer from frustration that dyslexia brings to many aspects of their lives. Some adults suffer from low self esteem and others are under pressure because they are afraid of constantly making mistakes and feeling humiliated. This can lead to anxiety and stress at work and in their everyday lives.


When you were young did you have difficulties learning how to read and do you still find reading difficult?

Do you experience any of these problems when reading?


Do you experience any of these problems when spelling?


Do you experience any of these problems with maths?


Do you experience some of these problems when writing?

General problems linked to dyslexia

Do you experience some of these problems?

Getting Help

creative writingIt is important to remember that all is not lost!

People cope – they learn strategies to work their way round difficulties without specialist help. For example, they make use of spellcheckers, develop their own memory aids, ask other people, work out unknown words through context…

Having dyslexia is no bar to achieving academic success – there are a significant number of dyslexic students in Higher Education.

Having dyslexia is also no bar to achieving success in the workplace

We offer advice by email. We also undertake full diagnostic assessments that will detail your strengths and weaknesses and recommendations for strategies that may help you in your working environment and everyday life.

We can offer Workplace Consultations where a qualified consultant will come into the workplace, observe you at work, meet with you and your manager and offer recommendations that can help.

If however we feel that we are not able to offer advice we hope that we can point you in the right direction to someone that can help you.

If you require further information or a price for our services please click here to contact us.

Further information

The following books include useful information and ideas for support for adults with dyslexia:

Useful Websites include: