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The Innovation Centre
49 Oxford Street
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T: 0116 250 6277
E: info@dyslexialifeline.co.uk

Dyslexia Help: Leicester

Dyslexia Lifeline is a Leicester-based company. Its purpose is to provide advice, assessments and training to individuals, families and organisations in the East Midlands.

The company members are all qualified teachers and dyslexia specialists. We know that many children and adults struggle to have their difficulties recognised. Schools may identify need, but not know how to meet it; children worry because they can’t keep up with their peers. Adults develop coping strategies, but many are anxious that they’ll be found out.

We are here to help.

Email or phone us (Monday – Thursday 9am – 1pm) and make a free 30 minute appointment.

Dyslexia Lifeline is a non profit-making co-operative.